20+ Ways to Style A Classic White Shirt for Women

As a fashionista, it is required that you have some basic clothes in your closet; something that fits whatever style or look you are trying to create. The Classic white shirt is one of those, its versatility and essence runs across all styles. Today I have curated some looks for you to pull when next you need an inspiration on how to rock that great shirt in your closet.

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1. With Denim

@aliceoliviac looks glamorous in pointy boots and a great purse
@adjii_ styling this with flared trousers, heels and a catchy purse
@Mihlali_n matched hers with a denim short and sneakers
Debs looks great with a thigh length short and kitten heels
Estaregrams puts a twist to this with her leather Jacket

2. As a Jacket

Love how she spinned this. Unusual but enthralling

3. With Linen Trousers

@kae___kae with a denim corset belt

4. For Layering

Oversized Fashion? @estaregrams got you

5. With Skirts

This Zara Skirt is a knockout
The Shoes make a difference
@adjii rocking it with a leather Skirt
@sindiarifi with a great black assymetrical skirt. Works if you intend to show legs
@adjii again with a leather Skirt

Thank you for hanging out with me today. I hope these provides enough inspiration for you on your next white shirt escapade, it doesn’t have to be only straight-buttoned, cotton shirts. You can try other styles and Textures.

Till Next time, Keep Stylin’

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